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rambling and in(s)ane.

you heard me

5 June 1985
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this journal is friends only. i'll probably add you if you ask.


hello, lovely person. i will be your tour guide. fascinating (read: uninteresting) tours through the mind of a mildly insane girl depart from here daily (except when they don't, which is usually).
it is advised that those with conditions such as weak stomachs, no sense of sarcasm, and/or cases of the infamous stick-up-ass syndrome not participate.
the adequate warnings should be stated. they include that I am not liable for any deep groaning, mad snickering or yawning incurred by the tour. this is clearly a largely unchartered terrain and the writer is snide, childish, whiny and idiotic, and very easily amused. mental hiccups are not uncommon; in the event of a vehicle de-railing I suggest recanting your sins because there ain't nobody goin' to save you.
enjoy your tour. don't scatter rubbish or anything stupid like that.


the unexamined life is not worth living. or something.
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